More Oranges


It's about Plant Nutrition.
It's about Balance.
It's about Environmental Impact.
It's about More Oranges.

Word is out! ProPlus is giving growers what they want: quality nutrients at a great price to help produce more oranges. We understand today's pressures of disease and budgets. Our vision is to help ease the pain where we can. Because we're made up of 5th and 6th generation Floridians, we want to do our part in helping Florida's Citrus industry. Thank you to our customers and for spreading the word.

What's different?

  • No expensive sales team or distributors Order online at your convenience or call Christy for a more personal experience. Some of our local customers even stop by to see us in person. We're there Monday-Friday 8-5.
  • Packaging Why pay for all that? We're helping slash budgets and environmental impacts by delivering in bulk. We have the trucks and trailers for this stuff why not utilize it?
  • Small family business We're not from New York City and we're not very exotic. We've been in Central Florida since the 1800's. Florida Soils and liquid fertilizer has been a part of our family tradition for 3 generations. We don't do chemicals, we don't do special sauces, and we don't have distributers. We gotta be good at our one thing: Liquid Fertilizer.
  • Environmental Stewards We follow and promote environmental BMP standards in order to minimize the environmental impact to our state. Our Manufacturing plant was designed to comply with BMP standards and operates accordingly. We are also a supporter of the 4R Stewardship program and encourage our customers to participate. Right Fertilizer Source, Right Rate, Right Place, Right Time.
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