Liquid Fertilizer for Citrus


Liquid Fertilizer tips and facts

  • Never mix P with Fe. The P and Fe bind and are not available to the plant and could create a solid compound in a mix tank.
  • Calcium Nitrate + Sulfate minors = Calcium Sulfate a solid compound. Clean tanks when swapping products and never mix together.
  • Urea Sulfuric Acid – always add acid to water not the other way around. Remember A&W root beer for a quick reference
  • High pH? Reach for a chelate. ( Click here to get the new ProPlus Chelating Technology Paper)
  • A quick and inexpensive way to adjust the pH of a tank mix is to add a scoop of Citric Acid.
  • KTS and ATS are excellent sources of S. These products convert in the soil to acid. 1 ton of ATS=1.1 tons of Sulfuric Acid.

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